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Високоговорители, тонколони за компютри и домашно кино от реномирани производители с гаранция и произход

  •   - 2.0 Stereo speaker, Speaker Power: RMS 2.2 W total
    - Amber LED on when power on, Adjustable volume up/down
    - 3.5 mm headphone jack for privacy
    - 5ft cable between 2 satellite speakers, 5ft Audio cable to PC (3.5 mm audio plug), 5ft AC power cable

    30 лв
  • Мощност: 1.2W X 2
    Честотна Х-ка: 60HZ-20KHZ
    Волтаж: 220V
    Големина: 10x14.6x19CM

    23 лв
  • D-LINK DCH-M225 mydlink Home Music Everywhere - изпълнете вашият дом с музика.

    66 лв
  • Total RMS power: 1.2 watts RMS (0.6 watts per satellite)
    Frequency response: 90 Hz–20 kHz
    Driver: 2-inch dynamic drivers
    Connectivity: USB cable
    Built-in volume up and volume down buttons, Built-in mute/unmute button
    Power source: USB port, Power indicator: Amber LED

    32 лв
  • Тип аудио изход: Стерео
    Брой високоговорители: 2
    Компоненти: 2 колонки
    Изходна мощност: 2.4 W
    Изходна мощност на канал: 1.2 W

    20 лв
  • Output power: 3 Watt RMS
    Power distribution: 1.5 Watt x 2 (USB powered)
    Harmonic distortion: < 0.3% 1 W 1 kHz
    Frequency response: 100 Hz - 20 kHz
    Signal/Noise ratio: > 65 dB
    Separation: > 45 dB
    Input sensitivity: 250 mV

    24 лв
  • Тип аудио изход Стерео
    Компоненти 2 колонки
    Изходна мощност 6 W
    Изходна мощност на канал 3 W
    Честотен диапазон 43Hz-20kHz
    Шум на сигнала 93 dB
    Speaker Features Bluetooth 4.0
    Брой входни Audio Line интерфейс конектори 1
    Тип входни Audio Line интерфейс конектори AUX 3.5 mm
    Micro USB портове брой 1
    Външен цвят Черен

    97 лв
  • Type: Портативна
    Color: Blue
    Total RMS: 2 W
    Extras: Прибиращ се кабел; Съвместим с iPod, iPhone, MP3 плейъри, Смартфони, PC

    49 лв
  • Тонколони Microlab B16 2.0 2x2Watt

    19 лв
  • Full, rich stereo sound
    Features lightweight, elegant design
    Attaches easily to your UltraSharp and Professional Series Flat Panel Displays
    2 x 5 W per channel stereo

    35 лв
  • F&D A111 is one of the most popular 2.1 speakers that transforms traditional multimedia speaker into a trendy accessory. The design also provides stability to the satellites and effectively reduces the possible audio interference that emanate from surfaces the unit is placed on.
    A111 will give you the best music and make you enjoy better life.

    79 лв 60 лв
  • Type: Портативна
    Color: Green
    Total RMS: 2 W
    Extras: Прибиращ се кабел; Съвместим с iPod, iPhone, MP3 плейъри, Смартфони, PC

    49 лв
  • For people who want a THX-Certified 2.1 system with big, bold sound from their music, movies and games.
    These speakers have met strict performance standards to achieve THX certification - for quality you can count on.
    With 200 watts (RMS) of power, you can listen as loud as you want to. You'll hear - and feel - immersive audio that brings music, movies and games to life.

    416 лв
  • Красиво изработени, новите FC362W ви позволяват да слушате песни от личния си компютър или лаптоп без кабел. Наслаждавайте се на безжично забавление с 2.1 субуфер  система ; дълбоки баси и пълен набор изпълнения

    Честотен обхват: 35Hz - 20kHz
    Сигнал / шум:> 75 db
    Разделяне:> 45 db
    Вход чувствителност: 350mV
    Безжична технология:
    - 2.4GHz ISM банда
    - GFSK модулация

    209 лв 195 лв
  • Compatible only with Dell Entry Monitors and comes with a separate power adapter; Attaches easily to your Dell Entry Flat Panel Displays
    Full, rich stereo sound
    Lightweight, low profile design

    51 лв
  • Majestic surface,A320 is not only looking beautiful but also working extremely well. Sound of nature,with extremely perfect outlook,it delivers strong and low distortion bass to your colorful life.
    The subwoofer delivers room-shaking bass thanks to a powerful amplifier and a 6½inch woofer. And satellite addresses crystal and clear sound owing to 3 inch full range driver.

    67 лв
  • Type: Портативна
    Color: Orange
    Total RMS: 2 W
    Extras: Прибиращ се кабел; Съвместим с iPod, iPhone, MP3 плейъри, Смартфони, PC

    49 лв
  • - 500 watts (RMS) of power
    - THX Certified
    - Digital decoding
    - Multiple inputs
    - Dolby Digital and DTS decoding
    - You can connect up to six components simultaneously, including your TV, Blu-ray/DVD player, DVR, Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, Wii, iPod and stereo.

    889 лв 834 лв
  • - Тип говорители: Активни
    - Audio Amplifier: External
    - Sound bar - stereo - 2
    - USB захранване
    - Съвместимост: E1914H, E2014H, E2414H

    62 лв
  • You’ll get vigorous sound and powerful detail from A510 wooden cabinet. A510 delivers slamming bass, clear highs, and rich middles shaking life into your music, movies, and games. Two-satellite setup and a powerful subwoofer give you powerful sound—even in large spaces.

    89 лв 80 лв
  • Х-ка 1 USB powered
    Х-ка 2 3.5 mm audio input
    Х-ка 3 Compact size
    Х-ка 4 Cable management

    34 лв
  • Power output: 16Wx2+20W (RMS)
    Satellite driver: 3” full range
    Subwoofer driver: 6.5”
    Frequency response: 90 - 20KHz (satellite) 45 - 130Hz (subwoofer)
    Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 65dB
    Separation: ≥ 35dB
    Dimension: W98xH207xD97mm (satellite) W252xH252xD268mm (subwoofer)
    Weight: 4.12Kg (net)

    99 лв 83 лв
  • Когато желаете драматично усещане за звук от мултимедийните си устройства, свържете тонколоните SPA5300. Нагласете нивото на динамичното усилване на басите и се насладете на 100 W музикална мощ.
        Музикална мощност: 100 W
        Изходна мощност (RMS): 2 x 10 + 30 W
          Дължина на кабела: 1,5 м
        Съединител: 3,5 мм стерео

    144 лв
  • - Large for a small speaker, the 2.25-inch driver produces 10W of peak power for a surprisingly loud sound.
    - The mini speaker is compact and portable, giving you the freedom to play your favorite multimedia around the home.
    - The 3.5mm audio line in enables you to connect and listen to your favorite multimedia through multiple devices.
    - The mini speaker uses an AC power supply, so there is no need to ever recharge your Z50.
    - Designed for plug and play simplicity, just connect the Logitech Z50 to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

    30 лв
  • MICROLAB M-200

    Изходна мощност: 40 W
    Изходна мощност на канал: 12 W
    Subwoofer Output Power: 16 W
    Отговор по тактова честота: 35Hz-20kHz

    79 лв
  • Three red decoration rings on both satellite and subwoofer, it’s beautiful and attractive. USB/SD card reader gives you multifunctional experience. Built in AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for wide main operating voltage range ensure A333U safety usage.

    99 лв 71 лв
  • Тип Безжична портативна
    Цвят Черен
    Общо RMS 2 W
    Екстри Прибиращ се кабел; Съвместим с iPod, iPhone, MP3 плейъри, Смартфони, PC

    59 лв
  • Features:Advanced DSP technology for high fidelity sound production
    Stereo effects with 2 uniquely shaped speakers
    Perfect for most sound applications and entertainment
    Analog to Digital sound processing with minimum distortion and maximum precision
    Powerful amplifier using state-of-the art digital processing for dynamic power
    Quality tweeter and woofer drivers
    Side panel for quick access and control
    Easy to connect to your PC/Notebook, mobile phone or tablet

    119 лв
  • A521 with compact stylish heavy duty metal grill design is popular for home, office and any other type of entertainment. With its 6.5 inch bass driver and 4 inch full range driver, it lets you enjoy rich, deep bass, clear and quality sound. The volume and bass are easily adjustable when it in use.

    105 лв 96 лв
  • Тип Безжична портативна
    Цвят Бял
    Общо RMS 2 W
    Екстри Прибиращ се кабел; Съвместим с iPod, iPhone, MP3 плейъри, Смартфони, PC

    59 лв

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