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Natec Genesis RX85 Gaming Геймърска механична клавиатура

Артикул: NKG-0775
Централен склад: Наличен

158 лв
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0878-44-80-73, 052-600-796

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Among experienced players, mechanical keyboards are the most popular. Almost every player dreams of a functional ‘mechanic’ containing high quality switches. In respond to these needs, Genesis has created a professional RX85 mechanical keyboard, which combines quite a large number of functions along with the product quality and outstanding design.


The key feature of RX85 is the application of the top quality solid Kailh Brown switches having the 50- million click life and 55-gram pressure sensitivity. Owing to large linearity and fluency, the switches gain a universal character, which is very important for many players. In addition, the keys are made in the double injection technology, thereby guarantying lack of abrasion when used.


The keyboard is equipped with the N-key Rollover function, in other words, the anti- ghosting for all keys. The function is triggered by pressing the Fn and Del keys. We can now easily use all key combinations without the risk of blocking the device. An undisturbed and comfortable game will become a norm from now on.


The Genesis keyboard allows us to enjoy the game irrespective of the time of a day, for it is equipped with white backlight having the option to set 5 various modes and 4 levels of light intensity. Furthermore, such backlight looks great in combination with a general RX85 design.


RX85 has the function of blocking the Windows key which is particularly favoured by game players. It prevents us from an accidental game stop and getting back to the desktop while playing an exciting game.


Being in control of multimedia and additional functions makes the game easier. With this in mind, Genesis RX85 has 12 functional keys and a special volume knob whose aim is to help operate the volume without pressing any additional keys.


A professional contest also requires reasonable comfort and a feeling of safety. Thus, RX85 consists of a specially designed palm rest support that is attached to the keyboard by magnets. Thanks to this feature, the user can decide whether or not the palm rest support is needed. There is also an option of height regulation with foldable legs additionally covered with rubber that prevents the keyboard from moving.


Apart from very solid switches and key buttons, the device resistance is also influenced by the fact that the keyboard surface is covered with brushed aluminium and that the entire construction has been based on the red form of hardened PVC. All the aspects are the reason why RX85 looks impressive, combining the modernity with a light tone of classic elegance.


System requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Mac OS X 10.5 (PLUG&PLAY)
Linux kernel 2.6+ (PLUG&PLAY)
USB port

Package contents

User Manual

Product specification:
Number of keys 104
Key Mechanism Mechanikal Switch
Switches Kailh Brown
Cable Length 160 cm
Anti-Ghosthing N-Key Rollover
Extra Functions: Backlight, Double Injection, Multimedia Keys, Volume knob, Wrist support


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  • Подсветка на клавиатурата
  • Механична клавиатура
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  • С кабел USB
  • Черен
  • 2 години гаранция
Тегло с опаковката(при транспорт)
  • 2 kg


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