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Noiseblocker 120mm NB-Multiframe M12-S2 - 1250rpm вентилатор

Артикул: ITR-M12-2
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Product Description & Info

The Most Up-To-Date Compact Fan Currently on the Market

  • High-end fan with patented NB-Multiframe technology
  • Extremely low-noise (up to 30% quieter than standard fans)
  • Multiple-section high-tech chassis with integrated structure-borne absorber
  • NB-NanoSLI low-noise long-life bearing
  • Extremely sturdy housing
  • State-of-the-art, quiet NB EKA drive
  • Low-noise impeller with anti-dust surface
  • Packed for Retail sale (plastic hard case), including installation materials
  • 6 years guarantee

Modern top-quality compact fans scarcely differ from one another in terms of performance and volume. Previous approaches to optimization have aimed at making the fan itself quieter. The main measures undertaken were the use of better bearings, different materials and a different shape for the impellers.

he multiframe technology from NOISEBLOCKER goes beyond these classical approaches. The basis of this technology is multipart chassis with a completely new design. In this way vibrations are eliminated in the fan itself. Fans with multiframe technology therefore represent a completely new generation of compact fans on the market. This opens up a completely new dimension with respect to noise reduction. Depending on the overall system and the further components used, it is now possible to do without other previously standard measures, such as the use of decouplers or noise insulation mats.

Of course the fans of the NB-Multiframe-S series are equipped not only with the new technology, consisting of optimized bearings, motors, impellers and other features, but also with everything that a top-quality compact fan must have today. As a result multiframe fans are some of the quietest that are available on the market even without the new technology.

Technical Features

(1 + 2) Almost vibration-free construction through multipart frame design. The vibrations are passed through vibration deflectors to vibration absorbers. As a result the vibrations are almost completely eliminated in the frame of the fan.

(3) A weighted frame provides additional vibration damping. Furthermore, the additional mass means that any operating noises coming from the drive and bearings sound darker and therefore subjectively quieter and more pleasant to the human ear.

(4) Frame with rebound design. In comparison to fans of a classical construction, the contact surface with surrounding frame elements when the fan is installed is minimized (depending on the construction of the system). This therefore further reduces the transmission of vibrations. Aerodynamic Optimizations

(5 + 6) Aerodynamically optimized: frame and struts. Rounded components reduce the turbulence and lower the volume of the air current. In the 80 millimeter models the number of internal struts has also been reduced from four to three. Here the multiframe fans take into account the fact that today the air current itself is one of the loudest sources of noise and additional measures for reducing noise should therefore relate to this. In contrast to some other volume-optimized fans of a classical construction, the multiframe fans use an air deflection frame. The full efficiency of the air conveyance system is therefore retained.

(7) Shape-optimized impeller with anti-dust surface. This results in a higher air flow rate with less noise and an improved design. Vibration-Optimized: Drive and Bearings

(8) A specially optimized EKA external rotor motor ensures improved quiet running and reduced vibrations. NB-NanoSLI long-life slide bearing for a high level of precision: the run time-optimized precision bearing guarantees exact vibration-free revolutions and increased system stability. During development, particular attention was paid to durability. Rapid wear and tear and misalignment was prevented. As a result the bearing remains quiet even after long-term operation. Six years guarantee.

Low starting voltage. The fan starts to turn even at 4.5 V, depending on the model. This makes it possible to use the fan over a sizeable voltage range, while also enabling reliable and quiet operation even in low voltages fields



Technical data
Fan speed 1,250 rpm
Airflow m³/h 87 m³/h
Airflow CFM 51.2 CFM

Physical data
Width 120 mm
Height 25 mm
Distance of mounting holes 105 mm
Diameter of mounting holes 4.3 mm

Electrical data
Voltage 4.8-13.8 V
Power consumption 2.74 W
Connector 3 pol. Mainboardstecker

Other data
Bearing type NB-NanoSLI®
MTBF 160000 Hours
Thermo controlled no
Tachometer signal yes


  • Noiseblocker
тип охладител
  • Въздушно охлаждане
Вентилатор размер
  • 120 mm
  • 5 години гаранция
Тегло с опаковката(при транспорт)
  • 0.5 kg


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